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Whangarei Heads

Whangarei Heads

Whangarei Heads is a water and nature lover’s paradise. You will find sheltered harbour bays on the harbour side and white sand pacific ocean beaches on the other. The scenery is simply stunning and the area is still relatively unknown. This makes it all the more desirable to visit.

Giant volcanic peaks and stunning natural landscapes greets you as you arrive. The waters of Parua Bay, McLeod’s, Taurkura, Reotahi and Urquhart’s Bays provide an array of family friendly swimming and picnicking spots.

Dramatic 20 million year old volcanic peaks rise steeply from the sea to over 400 metres. These mountains form Bream Head Scenic Reserve and are abundant with wildlife. The area is one of only 5 Brown Kiwi Sanctuaries in New Zealand. From only 50 Brown Kiwi left there are now currently around 800 Brown Kiwi at Whangarei Heads. Years of successful predator control and monitoring by the local “Backyard Kiwi” conservation group made this happen.

Spectacular Walks in Whangarei Heads

The area is home to some of the top rated walks in the country. The Mt Manaia walk was recently rated within the top 14 short walks. The Bream Head/Te Whara track (5 hour  trek) is one of the top 5 day walks in the country.  Busby Head, Smugglers Cove and Mt Aubrey are not to be missed either.  View more about walks in the area.

Clear waters and two marine reserves make the area a water lovers playground for fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkelling and surfing.  Find out about our beaches.


Pataua water ways and beaches

Pataua water ways and wonderful beaches

Whangarei Heads Bream Head

The impressive headland of Whangarei Heads Peninsula

Where Giants Gather – A Northland Journey

Take the meandering road from Northland’s largest city, all the way through Whangarei Heads to the coast and the boundless Pacific Ocean beyond. Follow the great mass of water that ebbs and flows through the towering Whangarei Heads. Walk in the footsteps of those who carved history out of this colossal landscape, and create lasting memories of your own as you journey Where Giants Gather…

Download the ‘Where Giants Gather’ map here


Where Giants Gather Northland JourneyWhere Giants Gather Northland Journey