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Beaches, Swimming and Surfing

Beaches, swimming and surfing at Whangarei Heads

Ara Roa is centrally located on a truly stunning stretch of coastline. From 6 km of pure white sand at Ocean Beach (that you can often have to yourself) to the more intimate estuaries and rocky headlands, there are beaches certain to satisfy the most avid of beachcombers.

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Beaches for all ages and water activities

Combine beautiful beaches with Northland’s sub-tropical summer and you have an incredible natural playground. Clear and temperate waters can be enjoyed all summer and sometimes into autumn. Children (and parents) can have hours of fun playing in the surf – and boogie boarding is a favorite summer pastime. At Ocean Beach, there are Surf Lifesaving patrols over the summer months for safe swimming between the flags.

If you enjoy walking along the beach, we have 6 km of white sand deserted beach for you to enjoy in our backyard.

Ara Roa is located on Latitude 35 South. This is equivalent to Santa Barbara, North Carolina or the South of Spain.

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Catch a wave at Ocean Beach, Whangarei Heads

Catch a wave at Ocean Beach, Whangarei Heads

Perfect sand and clear waters

Perfect sand and clear waters for hours of fun


Kauri Mountain Beach

Pataua South Foot Bridge

Jumping into the estuary at Pataua South for the brave!

Kauri Mountain Beach along the coastline

Perfect beaches along the coastline