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Kiwi and Birdlife

Kiwi and Birdlife – at Ara Roa

Ara Roa is home to Kiwi and Birdlife in general. It is the ideal location for watching a wide range of native birds.  We are very lucky to be part of an active kiwi conservation area. It is fantastic to have local Kiwi living around our properties. The Brown Kiwi is the second most numerous kiwi species, with a total population of only 25,000. Current estimates are of 900+ Kiwi living in the Whangarei Heads.

Not long ago we had guests at Te Whara enjoy a visit from two Kiwi on the front lawn at dusk. How special is that! They also frequently show themselves at The Guesthouse.

“Backyard Kiwi” is a local land care group working hard to keep our Kiwi population alive and growing. Predator control, Kiwi monitoring, landowner liaison to name a few areas they focus on. And it looks like the Kiwi are winning.

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Kiwi releases are one of the many highlights of the Kiwi conservation group “Backyard Kiwi” at Whangarei Heads.

These releases are a fantastic opportunity for locals and visitors to see live Kiwi.

Contact us to check when the next Kiwi release is happening.

Visit our local Kiwi conservation page here