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Catering and Wine

Ara Roa Catering

We are pleased to be able to offer you in-house catering at any of our Villas.

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This option takes away the hassle of the preparation but leaves you to enjoy a fully preprepared meal. This is easy dining with minimal input from you.

Ara Roa Chef Services           View Menu

Enjoy the ultimate dining experience in your private accommodation with a menu tailored just for you and prepared by our personal Chef. Brad has worked as a chef/caterer for the last 20 years in New Zealand, where a love of seasonal locally sourced food has led his passion to create a memorable dining experience for his guests.


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It is Brad’s delight to share this with you and he will look forward to creating a dining experience that you won’t forget.

Please enquire if you are a larger group.

All catering costs exclude wine, please refer to the information on Foxes Island Wines if you wish to pre-purchase New Zealand top-end wines.

Meals are by prior booking only.

Chef dinner Whangarei

Foxes Island WinesFoxes Island Wines

If you enjoy New Zealand wine, as an additional service we would like to assist you in organising your wine purchase prior to your arrival at Ara Roa.

Ara Roa recommends Foxes Island Wines.

John Belsham founded Foxes Island in 1992 to focus on exquisitely made, regionally expressive wines; exactly what he had learned to do in France. 24 years on, Belsham’s passion for producing exceptional wines has yet to wane.

Foxes Island Wines are exclusive, exquisite and limited in production. Genuinely handcrafted and you will not find these wines in the supermarket or wine shops.

We highly recommend all of their wines, the top line Pinot Noirs are sublime. Also, if you like a dessert wine the Icon Noble Riesling is very special.

We would recommend getting a case of 6 bottles to take with you on your trip. Please click the button below to visit their online shop.

Foxes Island Online Shop

Order Foxes Island Wine

When you “check out” just enter the code as “AraRoa” and they will know the order is to be sent to us to store until your arrival.

Foxes Island wines with Food