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Northland Active Getaway

Northland Active Getaway

Come to Northland and enjoy an active getaway for a few days with the family. Get the kids out on the many different walking tracks during the days and finish off with some great family time playing board games and having fun in the evening.

Getting out amongst nature is a great way to recharge the system. Perhaps you just need a break without the family? If you’re looking to get out of the office for some creative thinking, the best place to do this is on a decent walk.

Whangarei Heads offers a fantastic range of walks and hikes to suit all levels. The area is also home to some fantastic deserted beaches so there are plenty of options for things to do.


Whangarei Heads Walks and Hikes


Perhaps you have heard of the  Hundertwasser Art Centre in Whangarei? This iconic building is a must-visit for all ages. The Town Basin is a busy place these days with a fantastic park area with an interactive water feature which is a hit with the younger generation. There are numerous lovely waterfront cafes and restaurants and always something going on.

Check our catering options if you want to add a touch of luxury to the stay.


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