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Waipoua Forest

Giant Kauri trees at Waipoua forest

Many of our guests choose to take a day and visit the magnificent Kauri Forest on the West Coast. It is a 90-minute scenic drive to visit these ancient forest giants, but for anyone who appreciates BIG trees, it is well worth it.

Stand beneath and marvel at Tane Mahuta (Lord of the Forest) – New Zealand’s largest known living Kauri Tree. This tree is believed to have begun life around 2000 years ago! There are several easy, short walk options into the forest, as well as an interesting visitors centre. Don’t miss the Kauri Museum!

Visit Te Mahuta Ngahere the second largest Kauri tree hence also known as the Son of Tane. Enjoy an easy 20 min walk into the forest to see this tree. Once you enter this forest it will seem like stepping back in time. Almost as if you might be the first visitor to this ancient part of Northland. Opposite this track, you will find and info centre with the history of the forest and district.

Waipoua Forest Stream

Waipoua Forest Stream

Ancient Kauri Trail

Follow the road through the Kumara Capital, and feel the sea spray on your skin as you reach the ruggedly beautiful West Coast beaches. Further north, the ancient living forests wrap their deep green embrace around you. These mighty trees have supported lives and livelihoods for centuries. But despite their immense size and strength, these giants are also fragile. Humans have harvested their precious timber and gum over the centuries, and have now come to protect these great guardians of the forest…

Download the Ancient Kauri Trail Map here


Ancient Kauri Trail Waipoua Forest