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Tutukaka and the Poor Knights Islands

Tutukaka and the Poor Knights Islands

Twenty-three kilometres off Tutukaka you will find the Poor Knights Islands. These islands are an international icon and simply a diving wonderland.

A total Marine Reserve and Nature Reserve – and pending World Heritage Site – the 11 million-year-old Islands’ volcanic origins provide a myriad of spectacular drop-offs, walls, caves, arches and tunnels.

Above and below water, the Islands are abundantly populated with the unique and incredibly varied plant, animal and fish life.

Laying claim to an astounding Maori history and the world’s largest sea cave (and only living dinosaur and largest insect) the remarkable Poor Knights Islands thoroughly deserve their protected status.


A Perfect Day with Dive! Tutukaka

A Perfect Day with Dive! Tutukaka

A Perfect Day with Dive Tutukaka

Take command of a kayak, or don mask and snorkel, and find a whole other way to discover the Islands.

This very special day-trip, Perfect Day offers the ultimate non-diving Poor Knights experience, with sight-seeing, kayaking, cave explorations, snorkelling, swimming, sea mammal-spotting, snippets of fascinating history and Island facts and great food. The boat is incredibly well fitted-out, with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, upstairs viewing, plenty of facilities and the fabulous ‘fish cam’ feeding live underwater shots right into the boat.

Air-conditioned comfort and ample shade from the sun, or you can relax and get a tan! Furthermore, the indoor-outdoor flow allows for maximum viewing, with two levelled decks to get that better perspective and a great photo!

A Perfect Day runs from November to May; departs 11:00am and returns 4:15pm

Depart Ara Roa at 9:15 am for a scenic 65 min drive to Tutukaka.

View the Dive! Tutukaka website

Diving at Poor Knights Marine Reserve

Diving at Poor Knights Marine Reserve – photo courtesy of Destination Northland

‘SUP BRO’ Stand up paddle boarding

Enjoy a day trip to the Tutukaka Coast where you can try your skills as stand up paddleboarding. SUP BRO offer lessons at the beautiful Matapouri Beach, yoga sessions and much much more. Their Poor Knights experience is a 5-hour trip that will take you into some amazing spots and give you the history, cultural backstory and environmental pointers that will only add to the experience.

They offer a peaceful, relaxing five (5) hour exploration tour (lunch included) away from the crowds to enable you to be fully immersed in the splendour of the Poor Knights.

View the SUP BRO website

paddle boarding tutukaka

Stand up Paddle boarding at the Poor Knights Islands

SUP BRO Tutukaka

Guaranteed fun times trying your skills at stand up paddleboarding.

Into the Wide Blue Yonder

The Wide Blue Yonder awaits you on this circular route along the beautiful Tutukaka Coast. Start from either Whangarei or Hikurangi, and feel the lure of the ocean as you travel towards the coast. Beautiful beaches, lovely walks and the gateway to the Poor Knights Islands.

Download the ‘Into the Wide Blue Yonder’ map here

Into the wide blue yonder Tutukaka