Ara Roa » Ara Roa properties and Covid 19

Ara Roa properties and Covid 19

Ara Roa properties and Covid19

Ara Roa National and International reservations.

Currently, the New Zealand borders are closed to all non-New Zealand residents. We do anticipate these rules will change so if you do wish to make a reservation please note the following;

COVID-19 and international bookings

New Zealand’s borders are currently closed to all non-New Zealand residents. If you wish to proceed with a booking in anticipation of these rules being eased please note we have the following policy in place:

If the New Zealand border has not opened to your country/state of origin all international bookings will be evaluated and confirmed on a one-to-one basis depending on the time of travel.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Check availability


Change in COVID-19 levels

If due to a change in COVID-19 alert levels you need to cancel a booking within 30 days of check-in, you may:
  1. Use any funds paid on a future booking, or
  2. Cancel the booking and we will refund your payment(s)
If you wish to cancel a booking 30 – 90 days out from check-in due to COVID-19 we will waive the cancellation fee as per our standard cancellation policy.
Deposits for bookings 90 days or more from check-in are fully refundable.

Longer-term stays

Our villas are perfectly suited for a longer-term stay. If you would like to stay with us for an extended stay, please contact us.