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Fishing at Ara Roa and Whangarei Heads

Fishing is one of every Northlander’s favourite pastimes and at Ara Roa we have several options for the avid fisherman.

From The Cliff House, Te Whara and The Glasshouse you can access the coast directly (and exclusively) for a spot of rock fishing.  Also with Te Whara and The Cliff House we supply rods and basic tackle. However, for the more experienced we suggest you bring your own equipment. Bait can be purchased at the local shops.

There are also numerous great locations in the local area including harbour fishing off wharfs and docks, which can be great fun for younger children. The Jetty at Urquharts Bay is especially perfect for taking kids sprat fishing. Regardless of your level of skills  we can always advise you on the best location at the time to suit your purposes.

If you want to get serious about it we recommend our local charter firm, Cronin Fishing.

These guys are always busy so it pays to book in advance. Feel free to contact us if you would like further info.

Rock fishing in Taiharuru